Complete Weebly Review – What’s new in Weebly 4?

Complete Weebly Review – What’s new in Weebly 4?

Weebly Review
Website Builder To Go For
Weebly has some extraordinary features that puts it ahead of its competitors. Building dynamic websites is now easier as Weebly 4 has brought some stunning changes!
Totally Dynamic
Video Backgrounds
Enhanced email marketing
Custom post types not possible
Custom Domainnot available with Free version
Try Weebly 4 Features

Few months back, one of my friend introduced me to Weebly website builder. He said that he found this while he was surfing the web and thought it could be helpful to me. ¬†Being a developer myself, I was never much into these drag and drop builders and other easy to go softwares and applications. I didn’t even go through the link my friend had shared (and now I am doing a Weebly review, also latest updates about weebly 4 so stay tuned!)

(Read down to know more about Weebly 4, Weebly 4 review to the end of post)

To be honest, I used to think like it’s less skilful to build websites using these website builders available on the web (Don’t get mad at me, it’s the first thoughts any developer would get ūüėú). But then as the work load increased, I thought I should just have a look at it may be I can use it complete websites which have less requirements and low budget to finish of the tasks.

To my surprise, I liked Weebly features, rare to find in a drag and drop builder. So here I am with a complete Weebly review, all the weebly pros and cons, Weebly pricing and features. So let’s just dive in!

weebly review, weebly website builder

What will you find in this Weebly Review?

  • Getting familiar with weebly website builder
  • Weebly features
  • Breakdown of weebly pricing
  • Weebly pros and cons
  • Weebly themes and¬†add-ons
  • Weebly hosting and weebly free domain
  • Walkthrough!

What is Weebly?

Let’ get familiar with this free website builder, I’ll emphasise more on the free part later. You might have already guessed that Weebly¬†is a website builder, but is that all about Weebly? Then you are at right place, hold on to the end of this Weebly review! Weebly is a drag and drop website builder, that means anyone and everyone can build a website using Weebly website builder, i.e you don’t need to know how to code. To start with it is really easy to use and that is what I look for in an application, the ease of end user i.e you and me.

You can build a simple website, dynamic page for your company (and yes it will be mobile responsive) or a complete e-commerce store for your business. The user interface is so friendly that you and edit and customise all this even from your mobile phone on the go! The weebly app is available for android, iOS (even works with smart watches), so that you can track your site visits, sales, modify your site on the go.

Here’s company’s take on Weebly


Weebly Features

Let me take you through weebly features real quick then I will discuss them in detail in pros and cons section.

1. Weebly eCommerce

You get to build eCommerce shop with Weebly for low budget and unlimited storage. You also get one year free domain.

2. SEO optimised 

You do not need to hire another agency to do SEO for you, Weebly provides you proper services to help you optimise your site’s seo. SEO is a bigger chunk of internet, that’s getting even bigger. There are billions of websites already existing and according to a study done by DailyMail, every minute 571 websites are built. Imagine you are one of those 571, how do you compete and stand out amongst those millions of websites being built each day? That’s where SEO plays a major role and you do not need to worry about any of it, as the Weebly website builder provides you with sorted and easy ways to optimise your site’s web presence.

3. Build Unlimited Pages

There’s no restriction on how many pages you can build irrespective of your billing subscription. Even with the free plan you can build unlimited pages, there’s no stopping you.

4. Great Weebly help and Weebly support

If you need tech support or stuck with something, weebly team is always there for your support. With free plan you get chat and email support and with business plans you get phone support. I have tried it myself and weebly support was quick to solve my problem.

5. Never ever pay for hosting

Irrespective of number of visitors or media files, hosting is always free for you with Weebly website builder.

Weebly Pros and Cons

Weebly Pros:

1. Weebly eCommerce Store

You can create your own eCommerce store with Weebly. It let’s you focus on what matters you the most, while managing all other worries for you! A simple secure checkout, set filters for your store, free Weebly e-commerce hosting and easy inventory tracking (never go out of stock!). Unlimited storage if you opt. for eCommerce plan with Weebly.

Best Weebly plan for eCommerce store!

The Easiest Way to Create a Website.


2. Weebly Free Domain

What is all the talk about weebly free domain? Well, with Weebly website builder you get a domain of your choice free for one year (not with free plan) but still a domain would easily cost you more than few months of Weebly subscription, it is that cheap also you get a domain free! Also hosting is free with all weebly subscription plans.

3. Track your stats

With Weebly website builder you can track your website stats like website sessions, number of page views, you get to know where your visitors are coming from and how, so that you put right efforts and reach out to more viewers and potential customers.

4. Third Party Apps

weebly apps - weebly review
weebly apps – weebly review

This is my favourite part about Weebly. It gives you a wide range third party apps that easily integrate with your website to give a better user experience and engage with your users and customers.

  • Get Donations with DonorBox App
  • Create Team cards
  • Create F.A.Q for your site
  • Live Chat
  • Get Testimonials and reviews from your users and display them efficiently
  • Create Forms and polls to get user feedbacks and suggestions¬†
  • Marketing Apps to get subscribers and mail leads

Read More About Third PARTY APPS

5. Weebly Elements and Weebly Promote

Weebly website builder comes packed with all the website elements that you need for your website. I don’t see if they forgot on any element. ¬†You can find everything from button, title, ¬†text, image, form, newsletter form, video, audio, youtube videos, categories, code blocks, search box, feed reader, block quotes, maps and lot more.

What is weebly promote? You might have heard this term may be somewhere on the web, or on Weebly site but don’t know what is it all about? You might have seen those popups on many websites which ask for your email or may be you have used them yourself in any other project of yours, even on my site ūüėú¬†those are nothing but email op-tins to collect emails of visitors who visit your site.

These are the email subscribers and this list of subscribers is needed and maintained so that you ca reach out to these subscribers of latest updates, promotions or offers and Weebly promote is nothing different. With Weebly promote you can send emails faster and easier to your subscribers, you can use it to send latest blog posts, if you run an online store or services business you can send coupon codes that are active only for certain duration, so that your user can know.

Weebly Cons

1. The Old History of Content Management System

Weebly has good drag and drop features, easy to build system as discussed earlier. But there’s one thing I would like to mention in this weebly review, with this weebly website builder or content management system¬†is that, this still has same old problem with content management systems.

Content Management Systems generally provide with most content or post formats but then that remains limited to what the builder has provided. You have to then get those options by using third party apps and plugins which can be paid sometimes.

Let me put it this way, there’s limitation putting custom post types while using content management system and Weebly has this problem still existing to certain extent.

2. Weebly Migration?

When you build a site using weebly website builder you get locked with them as they provide their own hosting and site files are only compatible with their system, thus you can’t migrate to other content management systems. But if you have built your site meeting all your requirements in the first place, then you would not need to care about this.

Pricing Breakdown – Weebly review!

The most important part of this weebly review is to breakdown it’s subscription plans and pricing to know whether it is worth paying what you are being asked of?

weebly pricing - weebly review
weebly review

Weebly comes up in four subscription plans starting from $0 per month to $25 per month. You can always choose whichever plan is best for your needs. But here’s a breakdown of pricing!

1. Free Plan

You get access to drag and drop builder, 500 MB of storage limit with free plan, free hosting , however you don’t get a free domain with a free plan. Free plan, according to me is good for personal projects, like a portfolio site or presentation purposes, but you cannot connect your own domain either, so you will have to use the one provided by weebly team. Thus, Be cautious while presenting ūüėõ¬†(don’t get caught by boss in the presentation!). I have used free plan for an strictly info site and a personal project in the past. You can always give a shot! ¬†

Build website for free..!

2. Starter Plan

You get a domain free for one year, unlimited storage, connect your own domain, customisable footer, also you can remove weebly branding and make the site your own and all that for just $8 /mo . You can choose this plan for a static site, best for company’s info site or display of company’s services (one page site)

3. Pro Plan

With pro plan you can create membership format, upto 100 members, as other plans unlimited storage, free hosting and free domain for $12/mo. Upto 25 products, with 3% transaction fee. This can be used for a personal blog or product display page, small eCommerce site.

4. Business Plan

Unlimited storage, free domain, free hosting, HD video and audio support, unlimited subscribers or members, SSL security, create an eCommerce store with unlimited products, Sell digital goods, add custom coupons, tax and invoice options. Best for eCommerce, Blog with membership plan, app page,  (No transaction fee).

The Easiest Way to Create a Website.

Weebly Themes and Weebly Websites

For any physical products to know more about it, you only have to believe in written testimonials and or word of mouth, but it is not same with web services like website builders. So to do a complete Weebly review, I checked through examples of Weebly websites built by other users and online entrepreneurs. Here’s a list of few online ventures built using Weebly website builder.

Wall coverings company Wall’in! ¬†– This company has used components like blog posts, gallery of images to showcase their portfolio, a simple yet stylish company page. Check it out yourself.

Dharma Yoga Wheel РProduct display site,with store features, multiple pages, with press coverage, third party apps like contact form and F.A.Q page! 

The PEAS & CUES PRESS¬†– Joe built a limited edition poetry print shop using Weebly’s store and blog features.

Weebly also provides with a wide variety of themes for all your purposes. Whether you want to build a personal site, blog, business site, event site, portfolio or an online store. Weebly themes can meet all your needs but still their are limited themes provided by Weebly. If you want your website to really stand out and not look same like what others are building with free available templates, you can always opt for premium themes available across the web. One such place to find premium Weebly themes, Weebly widgets and Weebly plugins.

Browse for Premium Themes, widgets and Weebly Plugins.

Weebly 4 Review – What’s new in Weebly 4

I recently covered this post about Weebly review. Weebly has recently updated to a new version Weebly 4 bringing in a lot of  changes and facilities for users. So I have updated this post with Weebly 4 review as well.

Weebly 4 is an all new approach to building modern and dynamic websites easy and smarter way. As Weebly itself has got smarter. The company just launched new version of it’s product in the form of Weebly 4.

Newly defined Headers

Weebly 4 comes with new and redefined headers. New headers are customisable in numerous different ways. Headers can be resized to any size of your choice. Increased header options mean increased possibilities.

More Weebly templates

Weebly had a limited options of templates in the last version. With Weebly 4, company has even introduced new and wider variety of high quality templates. Check out the newly introduced Weebly themes.

Do more with your store!

 New Weebly Plan

Weebly 4 comes up with new plan. Performance Plan by Weebly is priced at $49.00/mo. Performance Pack comes with all the previous features of business plan, including $100 Google Ads Credits and Email Marketing credits worth $96. Performance Plan also has Gift cards and Coupon codes to drive sales to your products. Your customers can now find automatically calculated tax.

Video Background

User engagement is at the top priority when building a site. You are building your site for visitors and they should be satisfied. The information you provide should be complete and appropriate. If user finds what they are looking for, then they will stick to your site and will potentially convert into your customers. Weebly has introduced background videos in Weebly 4.

Email Marketing

Weebly 4 has focused hugely on email marketing. Number of changes have been brought in email marketing with Weebly. You can customise your emails the way you want.

You must be sending so many emails to your subscribers and clients, but how many actually open. How many are really clicked? Weebly 4 provides with smart email suggestions depending on email purpose. This will increase the click through rate of your subscribers.

With Performance Plan, now you can create upto 5 email marketing campaigns per month and upto 500 contacts per email.

weebly 4

My favourite update about Weebly 4 is update in SEO. Weebly 4 makes it easier to be found on Google. Weebly 4 brings you real time scores of how your site is performing on Google.
Create your online store and start selling. Try it today at!

Conclusion of Weebly Review and My personal take

Well, to start with Weebly drag and drop builder is one of very few website builders I have liked. Weebly third party apps make it easier and convenient for any non coder to mould a basic Weebly template into a website of his choice. The only thing is you should have a perfect picture of your end result in mind, before you start  building because you cannot migrate your site once built.

One reason I do not build my client sites with Weebly is that I cannot fully customise it with Weebly, however I use it to build personal sites and projects.

Business Plan is best to go for even if you are building a blog or a business site coz then you won’t have any limitations in using Weebly to it’s fullest. While in other plans, there’s restrictions on number of members subscribing to your site or products and having tested other services, I believe it is pretty much affordable and worth it to pay $25/mo for such a service.

But here’s a catch, if you are planning to build an eCommerce store or an online shop, I believe Shopify is the best option to go for. Even I use Shopify for all my eCommerce projects and stores. Shopify comes with limitless solutions for your store and it is easier to track your sales and conversions. You can even create a store on Facebook using Shopify, no need to manage hosting and all.


Let me know what you think of this Weebly review. I have also updated this post with Weebly 4 features. If you would like to join the discussion about Weebly review, feel free to drop comments and your questions regarding Weebly website builder. I have covered all the features Weebly provides, and soon will update with a walkthrough or How To Use Weebly? section.

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