– Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped Working

[Solved] – Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped Working

unfortunately google play services has stopped
unfortunately google play services has stopped

How irritating is it to see your apps quit while you are using them? Error can be anything like shutting down of apps all of a sudden, apps not responding, android play-store not responding or anything. But most common error that android users are facing is “Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped” and what this does is it does not allow users to access the Google Play Store Apps. You can not download new apps neither can you update your existing apps. This problem is faced by all android devices including tablets and smartphones, so relax we have a fix for Google Play Services not working.

What this post will cover?

  • Why is your google play not working
  • Looking for error like “Google Play Services has Stopped Working”
  • Complete Guide to fix that error


Step By Step Guide

Let’s get started with the step by step guide to look for the problem with Google Play Services and try these steps one by one and find out which one works for you.

#1 First Things First

Let’s start simple! Before you have to go through a long detailed guide try these easy tricks to save your time. May be you’ll get your solution and do not have to go through complete post.

It’s really simple, Restart your phone or tablet or whatever device you are working on. After restarting your cell phone try running Google Play Store, if that works for you, AWESOME! If not, stick around.

#2 Update Play Store

How do you update play store when play store itself is not working? By now you must be thinking that I’m crazy, hold on! You have to delete or uninstall your version of Google Play Store. Now you can get a .apk file of the same with latest version and you can install it using some kind of file manager. But major thing to consider here would be ONLY DOWNLOAD APK’S FROM TRUSTED FORUMS AND WEBSITES. As others could hold spam and modified content that may harm your device.

Xda Forum  To Download apk’s

#3 Google Play Services Manage Data

Ok, so here’s few advanced tricks if none of the above worked for you. Do not worry, I’ll take you there one by one.

  1. Go to SETTINGS Tab on your device.
  2. Scroll the tabs to the right till you find GENERAL Section
  4. Next part scroll screens to the right till you find ALL
  5. Now you have a list of apps installed on your device, Opt for Google Play Services.
  6. Lastly, you have to find CLEAR DATA button and select it & Restart.

#4 Clear Google Services Framework Data

Well, once you are familiar to the procedure. You can easily go through this. For this method Steps 1 – 4 are same and last step is different. Let’s have a look at it.


#5 Error “Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped” Fixed

I have taken through the ways to fix the error that pops un and stops you from using Google Android Play Store and your apps properly. If your error still doesn’t get fixed let us know in comments or if you have few more methods to suggest, do post them as well.  If you know any more fixes for “Unfortunately Google Play Services Stopped Working”, type in the comments and help the community, Let’s grow together!

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