– This Copy Of Windows 7 Not Genuine Build 7601 Fix

[Solved] – This Copy Of Windows 7 Not Genuine Build 7601 Fix

I started my pc this morning and I got this error “This copy of Windows is not genuine”. I was in real hurry and this build 7601 error just added to it. Once I fixed it, I figured out the reasons behind this windows error. Build 7600, 76001 or slmgr rearm not working, such error is because windows is not genuine or if the error suddenly occurs like what happened with me, then your license to windows version has expired. The first thing anyone would try is to use the installation key but it did not help me. After a complete fix of this troublesome problem windows 7 not genuine. I have come up with this guide so that you do not have to worry about it ever again!

Follow the below steps one by one to get your operating system back in its original state and all fit to run. Just before I proceed, here’s a disclaimer or warning:

This post is just to educate you and help you fix the error, do not use it for fake purposes. Purchase and Use only the licensed version. I do not promote or support piracy by any means. STRICTLY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE!

windows 7 not genuine

How To Fix Windows 7 Not Genuine Error

You are on the right page if you have tried several methods to fix “this copy of windows is not genuine error” and still find a black screen. Let’s dive in!

  • First Go to Start Menu and Search CMD
  • In search results you will see cmd.exe, don’t run it as you would do usually
  • This time you will right click it and choose run as administrator
  • Command Prompt will open up
  • Now you will have to type the following command, make sure you do it as it is
  • SLMGR -REARM (note that all letters are in block letters, no space between hyphen and rearm and single space between slmgr and hyphen)
  • After you are sure the command is right, Press Enter
  • You will see a popup which reads “Command Completed Successfully Please Restart The System For Changes To Take Effort”. This will require you to restart your computer for windows 7 not genuine to be fixed.
  • Press Ok & restart your computer.

The windows 7 error has been fixed, windows not genuine solved and you will no more see the Build 7600 7601 error and also this copy of windows is not genuine error will be fixed.


Actually SLMGR REARM is a command used to change/extend/remove windows license.Removing license would obviously create no issue, extending and changing license should be done as per the guidelines of microsoft. For more information on how to use command and the proper times to use it. Read Here>>

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This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Solution 2

windows not genuine

Windows not genuine has been tackled in the above solution, still here’s another solution you can use to fix this windows 7 error. You might know a very common thing with several softwares, operating systems is that they automatically update to latest version. While doing so, they install all the small small updates like security, software and few more.

As I mentioned in the warning that people use this to trick and extend trial version, but such updates avoid counterfeit and help Microsoft to stop such usage.

With these updates, if you are still using a non-licensed version, suddenly most of your applications and all might stop working.

Thus I recommend to update your version of windows or to upgrade it to windows 10 or so.

But after the update if you still see the windows not genuine error, here’s a fix:

  1. Go to Control Panel from start
  2. Select Windows Update from control panel
  3. Select a list of Installed Updates and you’ll see a complete list of all installed windows update
  4. All you have to do is find for KB971033 and remove it by uninstalling it.

This error occurred due to windows updates, so a quick tip would be to turn off automatic updates and you will no more see errors like windows not genuine, windows 7 not genuine, windows 7 build 7601 not genuine or any other error like.



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