How to get started with Local by Flywheel (in 3 Steps)

While most of the websites are hosted online, and there are plenty of situations in which you may want to create a local WordPress site. When it comes with creating an offline WordPress site, Local by Flywheel is one of the most powerful tools.

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Local by Flywheel (in 3 Steps)

Setting up the Local by Flywheel and using it to manage your local sites is a straightforward process. Here we walk through how to start using it and the process begins with installing the tool.

Step 1: Installing Local by Flywheel

You can download the Local by Flywheel for free from its official website. Next, choose your platform and enter the basic information.

Your download should have started right now. After the installation process is over, you will be taken to the start-up screen, where you simply need to select the Let’s Go.

Few programs will be installed to work properly and it takes a couple of minutes to complete. Make sure to hit yes to permit the installer to do its job, when you receive any prompts during the process.

You will be taken straight to the Flywheel dashboard. There are several options to choose from. You can create a new site, which we’ll talk about next.

In the top-left corner, there’s an “Options” menu to let you configure various settings and preferences. Right now you are ready to create your first local site!

Step 2: Creating your local WordPress site

Now, let us create a brand new local website. To do so, create a new site in your Local by Flywheel dashboard. It takes you to a simple wizard, where the first step is to create a brand name for your site.

You may want to make this something detailed, especially if you plan to create multiple local sites. You can always change the name of your site later, whenever you want. In addition, you can also expand the options tab to configure the optional settings if you’d like.

Here you will set a path for your local site and choose whether to create it using a blueprint. This option is a handy time-saving feature of Flywheel, that lets you set up a site using a predetermined set of themes and plugins.

You can continue now to the next screen if you have entered a name for your site.

Here you will get two options, you can choose either Preferred to set up your local site using a recommended set of tools, or select Custom to configure your environment. Just keep in the min, if you go with the custom option, you won’t be able to connect your local site to Flywheel.

Continue to the last step once you are done here:

You will create a WordPress username and a secure password on this screen. Under Advanced options, you can also specify if you’d like this installation to be a multisite setup. Next, hit the Add site button.

After a few seconds, you will see your new site listed in the dashboard, along with its information.

Now, click on the Admin button to log into your site and get to work.

Step 3: Export your site to the Flywheel

The above two steps are all you need to set up and use a local WordPress website. If you are building a site on FlyWheel, you will also need to know how the process works. You will need a hosting account, to export your local site to Flywheel.

Once your account is connected, you will have other options here as well. You can make a copy of a live site and turn it into a local site.


I have shown you how to get started with Local by FlyWheel and all you will need to do is follow those three steps:

  1. Installing Local by FlyWheel
  2. Creating your local WordPress site.
  3. Export your site to the FlyWheel when it is ready to go.

If you have any questions about what you can do with local by Flywheel, please let us know in the comment section below.

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