What Apple prepares for tomorrow? All rumors about the WWDC 2014

For many, among whom I include myself- tomorrow is a big day . It is turn of Apple talk and hear everything prepared for the remainder of 2014. Though the Worldwide Developers Conference does not usually get many firsts when it comes to hardware, yes it is the eve of all the innovations that are coming throughout this year. What are the rumors about the WWDC 2014? Fortunately or unfortunately, this year has reigned quiet and few who dare to say that we will see major developments in hardware, but before you stop reading, I warn you: WWDC 2014 will bring many developments in software , so pay attention to what awaits us tomorrow.

New version of OS X

While not appear until autumn, one of the rumors for WWDC 2014 is that more weight will see a preview of the new Apple operating system . What is expected from this update? For though many applications do not resonate among the rumors, it seems that there is unanimity on a comprehensive redesign of the operating system: after radical update iOS 7 is expected that the new version of OS X a final leap and show a much more minimalistic and close to those of its mobile operating system lines. About the name?? Everything points to baptize Apple version 10.10 as OS X Yosemite.

Welcome iOS 8

Also Apple iOS in August we will see , the new version of its operating system for iPhone and iPad. After the comprehensive redesign of its mobile operating system last year, I do not think I see many changes in this respect, although it seems to have many developments in software. ‘s rumored La is Healthbook , an application that would serve to keep track of sport and improve our lifestyle, but there are other rumors as the possibility of the arrival of the multitasking split screen for the iPad. If so, many would celebrate. The Unofficial guys have picked other possible improvements we could see on iOS in August , hopefully guess right at all.
Let’s talk about applications that need a little push: do you think we will see an update to Apple Maps? I think it’s time to either submit an updated record, or resign themselves to accept that it can not compete with Google Maps. The same could happen with Siri, which is now no more than a toy, while Google Now is an extremely powerful tool. We should see a very aggressive these two applications update tomorrow, hopefully so.

Apple Hardware

Will we see any new device in the WWDC 2014? My bet is that we will see very little: an update of the iMac with possible aesthetic innovations, the redesigned Apple TV and an update of its functions and little else, but as dreaming is free, let to make a short list of products that Apple could present.

The unimaginable: iWatch, new iPads, iPhone 5.5 “and 4.7″ (almost all media have dared to include it as a possibility, although I in no way see something), new iMac and new MacBook Air Retina 12 “.
Ideally: It would be great to see new MacBook Air with Retina Display, but do not know if Apple will be willing to change the size of their screens, a new Apple TV and new iMac truly ambitious project.
Most realistic: The WWDC is the coming-of devices, so it’s likely we’ll see the above, new iMac and redesigning Apple TV.

Apple And Beats

Another major rumors WWDC 2014 is the possible arrival of a new smart home system developed by Apple. Tomorrow could see a final bet by Cupertino iBeacons pos system and its synchronization with the home. While it is a fairly vague rumor, is the kind of exciting rumors: frankly, I like to see what Apple thinks of the relationship between our devices and our homes.

Of course, we also hear about Beats -the recent purchase of Apple-though frankly I doubt that too much time is devoted to this: there are few that Apple plans to do after purchase and fewer still want to tell. Still, it will be interesting to hear what they tell us about it

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