Updated to Android 4.4.3 Google Play Edition, Moto X, Moto G and Moto E

One of  major flaws of Android is your upgrade policy . You buy a handset with Android and do not know for sure until Android version will be updated, or if it will be updated. But this happens in all terminals of all manufacturers? Well lately is not  case, since now we have known from Motorola and Android Police who are receiving Android 4.4.3 update now via OTA, just one day after being officially announced and a few hours after they reach the factory images and OTA for Nexus devices.

This particular case of Google and Motorola makes upgrade policy is viewed more favorably, equaling in speed to Apple , the king of topic. And yet, we keep hearing same thing about Android, fragmentation and neglect on devices. So whose fault is this? It’s obvious that Google is doing all it can to raise image of Android to other competitors, and Motorola has spent his dark times of his cloak customization MotoBlur , and has learned from the time he was under protective wing of Google, with rapid updates and very close to Nexus software experience, so neither should be blamed for this right now.

Most manufacturers sell cares, from there do not care so much about their terminals. But then, who do we blame? Because it’s obvious that someone must be guilty. And obvious answer is other manufacturers . Those manufacturers that put heavy layers of customization features filled with rare and only use once to show off with other friends and then we forget, those manufacturers who take more than 20 or 25 terminals per year, in an effort to sell as much as possible, and then forget what they made and also user forget who bought it, a user expect a little support for your terminal.

The clear proof of this, that layers of customization are largely to blame, are Google Play Edition , previously mentioned. reason is this: when they announced their availability in Google I/O last year, Google made it very clear: These devices would be updated by companies that manufactured, and are there a day later and S4 and One M7 GPE already have Android 4.4.3 OTA . It is clear where the problem is: in layer of customization for each manufacturer and willingness of each company, because for example, LG G Pad 8.3 GPE still have not received OTA, and Z Ultra GPE and One M8 GPE if you have received it. Other manufacturers, learn from Google and Motorola: this is how things should be done .


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