Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 Prime: disputes

For some time now we have been hearing rumors about premium versions of flagships from Samsung and HTC: superflagships. Models like Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, which come with some improved specifications such as screen 2K and higher processor, while presented physical changes both materials and finishes as well as design. If true, in my humble opinion I think it would be an unfortunate move, for reasons which we will review in this post.


Generally, consumers of high-end smartphones are used to reference a model year . Apple releases began that policy, which was followed by Samsung and gradually, by or, with exceptions as Sony usually throw yes terminals greatly improved in second half of year.

Users of One M8 and S5 no would welcome se releases From re and having emerged strong rumors after submission of S5 and One M8, I think audience would feel cheated, for having trusted brand to have what assisted pointer and seen more quickly. It’s something that has happened before, and it was very clear when Apple introduced iPad with lightning and connector A6X chip after a few months since launch of model with retina display. holders of n New iPad filled with reviews social media feeling cheated. company set a negative precedent which lost him some credibility. An example of that Koreans can draw conclusions or not to launch Galaxy S5 Prime.

Previous models

Although introduction of Prime models would be a novelty, re are certain precedents in almost every brand . If we focus on Samsung and HTC, we can take as a basis “Plus”, which would be improved versions of flagships models, although not promoted with same intensity as brors ir models. So far y have been end to finish year before arrival of new flagship. Cases like Samsung Galaxy S Plus, SII or HTC Plus One X + are proof of this.

Unfortunately, manufacturers do not consider new models ahead of updates, and often leave m stuck in same version as ir smaller brethren . In fact, current equivalent S5 Prime would be S4 + i9506, which has not yet received Kit Kat. This leads me to believe that Prime models would be selling out soon abandoned because it would give a lot more work and hegemony would only last a few months, approximately until February.

Components, materials and finishes

Rumors indicate that new models would bring superior finishes, and this seems questionable. A brand like Samsung knows exactly do top models in this direction for years, as demonstrated by Wave and Galaxy R, aluminum, and cheaper than Galaxy S contemporaries. What comes to call that same premium? Can you allow a company like HTC low hours not give ir best in every model and saved best for next?

When a brand needs components from anor manufacturer, wher or SoC camera sensors, which means that launches take last thing offered. It makes sense. But when brand itself that manufactures and controls production processes as Samsung does with SuperAMOLED panels, I do not include 2K model from start and price at which it sells S5 would be a bit dishonest.


It is clear that manufacturers are businesses, and as such are looking to expand ir profits, but if something Nokia has taught us is that best way to grow in sales and popularity is devote necessary attention to product. Measures like cheaper products already launched yes I seem positive, because in this context of crisis near high end pockets can not afford, nor claim flagships premium finishes. customer loyalty is given to transparency and good treatment , and at least this year, se principles would not be.

With its One M8, HTC already have a premium product. As for Samsung, if you want to improve, you should only look back and see that in 2010 and in 2011 launched high quality devices. re is more than living up to its precedents. Finally, all this could come motivated by Apple. new iPhone with iOS 8 is coming, and perhaps is generating some nervousness and low sales forecasts to year end. That could be key.

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