iOS 8 is Now Officially Introduced , These Are All New

Year after year the WWDC stands for good and great news for all technology enthusiasts, especially for the millions of users of branded devices Apple . And the giant apple in this great event to its developers has the biggest news to come to their products in the next 12 months. And as is tradition, a new version of the mobile operating system of the house has been announced: iOS 8 .

This WWDC 2014 was not going to miss a renewal of software that gives life to mobile devices in the house. The different models of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are preparing for a major upgrade in the coming months, with great new features and a new bet Apple for health. These are all the new iOS 8 .

Renovated Notification Center

Finally Apple has put much love the notification center of IOS, one of the features of your system so far not been implemented quite well, but since the new version of the mobile operating system has some new features as practices and especially useful. For example, now you need to leave the application you’re to answer some messages or notifications, but you can reply directly from the notification center , just a gesture.

Obviously it is now the turn of developers implement this feature in your applications. Personally, I am in the very near future mentions of Twitter in response Tweetbot directly from Notification Center.

Finally, the iOS notification center 8 on the iPad also makes multimedia manager not only to jump from application to application as we need it, but it even shows the tabs you have open in Safari browser to go directly which need a really attractive feature that focuses on the usability of the Apple tablet as a professional device.

New gestures for application Post

The official mail application or Mail for iOS has always been criticized for not having all the features that a “power user” could require, but with each new release and major upgrade Apple continues to refine its own manager e-mails, and iOS 8, although the absence of test it, looks really good.New gestures for application Post

Apple has improved depth using gestures in iOS Mail 8 incorporating fast action depending on the type of gesture we make on each mail and how to configure it, to archive, delete or mark as “unread”; although personally function that has attracted my attention is the new gesture that allows “minimize” an email in which we work, without closing it, to navigate the inbox and then pick up quickly, very useful for checking data and other information post and then continue writing. Again, Apple emphasizing the professional field

Keyboard and Spotlight

QuickType is the new update for the iOS keyboard 8 which offers improved with preview words on the keyboard predictive system, the user will learn how to write the words and haunting; something that certainly is not anything new or original (has years in Android), but does not cease to be a great addition .

Not only that, iOS now has support for third-party keyboards . Soon, we may use keyboards like Swiftkey on an iPhone or iPad.

The renewed Spotlight allows you to search from the search bar in the center of notifications any term, either application, song, movie or simply a term we refer to the Wikipedia, and get the most relevant information on the same screen spotlight, plus direct access to this information.

Family Sharing

One of the features that have attracted my attention is Family Sharing of iOS 8 which allows sharing all purchases we have made applications, books, songs and movies with our family, or a limited number of them. Something very useful but too, considering that our collection of music and media is declining in physical format, and more in digital format. Now, we are sharing in iOS. Excellent.

Apple Family Sharing

Also, when setting our family group of devices, iOS Family Sharing notify us when any child in the family try to make a purchase (including in-app) to approve or reject that; spectacular novelty seeking to prevent purchases by children neglected in App Store, which has been synonymous with controversy.


Siri, the smart assistant for Apple mobile devices, now integrates with Shazam to easily and more quickly recognize any song playing around us.


Apple wants to bet on home automation with the new iOS Homekit 8. This platform will enable in the future users of iPhone or iPad to control certain functions of your home such as turning on lights, open the door parking, control cameras security and even allowing to use Siri for it.

Of course for this still needs some time, as it is in full swing between Apple and those responsible for such smart home systems, and must meet certain conditions, the most basic and obvious, own home automation systems in the home, as smart bulbs and closed loop systems. Still, the most promising sounds this feature.


Finally, after many rumors of that Apple would launch fully into the healthcare market, Healthkit becomes official centrally to provide all information related to the health of the user who will be collecting both their own iOS device processor as different devices and applications dedicated to health that the user has.

Third-party applications related to health can be managed directly from Healthkit and thus avoid having to jump from one to another constantly, to review all relevant information such as heart rate, physical activity and more.

Undoubtedly, iOS 8 is one of the most interesting updates to Apple regarding its mobile platform. They have added too many new features and functionality polishing even the way we use our iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch, making them easier to use, and definitely a higher quality product, even if it did not include the icons of the new OS X that I have liked so much.

Finally, iOS 8 will be available on the following devices :

iPhone 4S, 5, 5c, 5s
iPad 2, iPad 3rd and 4th generation, iPad Air
iPad mini, mini iPad Retina
iPod Touch 5th Generation
The first beta of iOS 8 is available now.

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