HTC Windows Phone again in 2014

Anyone remember the HTC 8X? I have. It was a futuristic smartphone, colorful, first with Windows Phone 8. It came as a big brother of HTC 8S to form the high-end and mid-range respectively from Taiwanese manufacturer with Windows Phone, but its presence in the market was virtually testimonial. If HTC is in a delicate situation for a drop in its market share, Microsoft’s platform did not help much, and less in 2012 , when this couple came terminal.

Now that 8.1 is free and requires no physical buttons, its implementation is more affordable for manufacturers. Today the situation has changed since 8.1, Windows Phone is free, requires no physical buttons or haptic (which makes it easy and affordable implementation for OEM), and has also increased its market share, particularly through models input range as the Nokia Lumia 520. So it seems a good time for HTC again walk with Microsoft and receive new models of union both.

After a 2013 target for this union, it seems that 2014 will be a year with launches HTC handsets with Windows Phone . Nick Parker, VP Microsoft OEM partners, has dropped during Computex:

“I’d love to give updates here if I could, I will only say that Microsoft will continue having a great relationship with HTC.’re Coming new to get excited about.”

A few months ago, in Celularis interviewed Antonio Tallón , Product Manager of HTC Europe, Middle East and Africa. There we asked for that relationship with Microsoft, and said that it is very close, but with events like buying Nokia changed the landscape, and it was time to “re-evaluate the next steps” by HTC . At that time some intuit that behind those words was the goal of getting free licenses of Windows Phone to compete more equitably with Nokia, Microsoft Mobile now. And a few months later, Microsoft announced at Build 2014 free Windows Phone.


Anyway, the infallible evleaks anticipated a few days ago the arrival of a movement, with one W8 HTC for the third quarter, with Windows Phone 8.1 , initially at least in the United States for the operator Verizon. I say that’s good news because it was necessary. The Windows Phone Marketplace is now almost monopolized by Nokia, and this is not good: we need to see more players on this platform. As we know Windows Phone from Nokia optics, from their perspective. Is not it exciting to see suggested use of this platform other manufacturers like HTC, Samsung (when new TIVA), Sony or LG?

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