How AdSpy can Help Your Business

If you are a digital marketer, then you know all about Spy Tools. Spy Tools are the new way to do market research and catch up on what your competitors are up to. To stay competitive in the current market, you need to do more than a spy; you need a comprehensive tool. With such a wide array of Spy Tools in the market, due diligence is critical in order to get the best value for your money.

We are all about reviewing the different digital marketing tools on offer. This way, you can get a quick insight into each tool and determine if it’s the right one for your business.

Today, we will see how this powerful Spy Tool, AdSpy works?

How Does AdSpy Work?

AdSpy is a Facebook Spy Tool that doubles up as a PPC Tool.

With AdSpy, you can Spy on your competitor’s Ad campaigns, mimic what they are doing, and boost your Ad performances.

AdSpy works on both Facebook and Instagram platforms.

It drenches up all the Ads that are running. As a result, you can Search and Filter through the Ads to find the ones that work perfectly for your business.

Perhaps the best feature of AdSpy is the Colossal Database of Ads. To date, AdSpy features over 75 million Ads from over 12 million advertisers. Moreover, these Ads originate from 198 countries around the world and come in 88 different languages. Check out the Adspy review for a detailed overview of this amazing tool!


AdSpy has a single package going for $149 a month. Aside from the free tools, this is among the cheapest Spy Tools in the market.

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You will receive Bonus Credits for signing up. Use the credits to try out AdSpy and see what it offers.

AdSpy Features

1.  Search and Filter Box

With such a massive collection of Ads, you need a formidable Search and Filter Tool so you can find what you want and fast.

AdSpy’s search box allows you to search for Ads by:

  • Ad Text
  • Media Type
  • Lander Technologies
  • Gender
  • Ages
  • Daily Likes
  • Total Likes
  • Seen After
  • Networks
  • Affiliate ID
  • Offer ID
2.  Affiliate Tool

AdSpy has special features to cater to Affiliates.

The competitive edge is so much more crucial to affiliates. Consequently, AdSpy provides a means by which affiliates can spy on other affiliates.

The moment you have an offer from your network, you can go on AdSpy to see how other affiliates are running that same offer and to what end.

You can search by Affiliate ID, Offer ID, or Network.

3.  Spot-on Demographics

AdSpy prides itself on providing accurate insights into target customers.

You can find out who your competitors are targeting including details like Age, Gender, Location, and Device Used.

With this information, you can gauge which demographics perform better and even find new audiences to target.


AdSpy is a kick-ass comprehensive tool that does much more than the basic spying. Additionally, it is not too pricey and the list of features is pretty decent.

When you decide to add AdSpy to your arsenal of digital marketing tools, do not forget to grab our unbelievable AdSpy Coupon Code.

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