HealthKit, Bet Apple For Health

HealthKit Apple just introduced its proposal to contribute to the overall health of users with a whole kit monitored. From the most superfluous questions to follow sports, through monitoring of diseases and chronic medical conditions , HealthKit is the solution that Apple offered during this WWDC 2014

But what is HealthKit? Basically it is an application that will be integrated into iOS 8 and is designed to help its users to keep more and better monitoring of your health and fitness . Basically HealthKit provides quick access to statistics and data, keeping a daily information and continuous monitoring to approximate the maximum of what these data mean. In this way we can control our physical progress the sport without having to rely on any other third-party application and enjoy iCloud and all the Apple ecosystem

What is more, some statements Federighi himself suggest a complete integration with other applications and devices dedicated to measuring and monitoring health. Since the concentration of glucose in blood to the heart rate or pressure of oxygen in the bloodstream, HealthKit integration with comprehensive monitoring of our health could maximize the technical advantage that the new coprocessor M7 Apple . However, little has been said so far about HealthKit, so we did not stay more than hoping to meet soon with our expectations. We have no choice, for now, to ask if HealthKit take full advantage of Apple M7 coprocessor hardware HealthKit use a wearable particular, exploiting its full potential and if this is the expected and still mysterious iWatch.

If so could find ourselves in a very powerful combination, able to outrun other wearables and initiatives with more experience but that could be obsolete before the proposed new HealthKit. We know, according to the latest rumors, it looks likely to adjust to the new iOS 8 as expected, and will work with all types of data , as we expect due to the vast amount of research behind it. Until we have more information we will keep the taste of the excitement in the mouth. But we will be very attentive to solve the mystery soon.

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