How to Bypass The Great Firewall of China using VPN?

Travelers and business professionals that visit China are quickly learning just how difficult it can be to circumvent the often coined “Great Firewall of China”. While many have utilized Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to encrypt their browsing sessions and access websites that are otherwise blocked, China has begun using tools that comb for VPN access points and systematically shut them down. In other words, many VPN users are frustrated by the fact that their protocols are being blocked. Finding a good VPN for China just became a notch harder.

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The reasoning behind the blockages can be dizzying for many who live in North America, Europe, or Australia. Censoring the internet may be enough to spark outrage for some, but in China, it’s a daily concession. Internet regulations in China have become a hot-button topic for many, and the country has been accused of suppressing dissent by silencing opinion.

For businesses working within the country or abroad, the blocking of VPNs creates another problem: collateral damage. While working diligently to prevent access to sites such as Facebook and YouTube, China is also blocking access for domestic and international businesses! This poses a serious problem for the infrastructure of the country, as well as visitors.

The Political Agenda

Because China is worried about the organization on the part of citizens who oppose the current government, or particular elements of its policy, most social networking sites are inaccessible. Further, several tools are in place to gather information about your browsing session, significantly reducing your anonymity, and putting some of your personal information at risk.

Protecting Business and Personal Access

Online browsers that are relying on sub-par VPN services will find themselves unable to access a variety of websites. However, many of the elite organizations are able to continue providing service, as the encryptions levels of the network are simply beyond the reach of the Chinese government.

Encryption does much more than simply granting you access to sites. By protecting your browsing session from external tampering, as well, VPN users have the added benefit of ensuring the privacy of their personal banking information, important passwords, and privileged information.

Whether you are traveling to China for business or a personal getaway, accessing the internet can be a dicey situation. By relying on a high-level VPN service like SunVPN, you can ensure that your ability to access common sites is never in question, and your personal information never falls into the wrong hands.

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