Guide for Buying The Best Inverters for Home

Guide for Buying The Best Inverters for Home

It’s hard to imagine a day without electricity. In fact, most of our daily activities like cooking, washing, or watching TV depend on electricity. This might prove that the need for the inverter is quite important. An inverter saves electrical energy. 

There are countless companies that have hidden facts about false promises and inverter models that entice you to choose the model that is right for your home. 

In this elaborate article, we have tried to reduce the weight by choosing the best inverter for the home. We will tell you some of the important things to consider when you are choosing the Inverter batteries you need to survive in India

Different Types of Inverters

In general, there are three inverter batteries that are available in the market according to their output performance. They are:

1. Sine wave inverter

This type of inverter works as a generator. The main advantage of this type of inverter is that it can run almost all the electrical devices sold on the market. It is slightly more expensive than other types of inverters.

2. Modified sine wave inverter

The wave of this type of inverter often looks like a square wave. It works effectively on most devices, but some are less effective. Electric motors such as pumps, refrigerators, and fans require large power (around 20%) due to their low efficiency. 

For this reason, most frequencies exceed 60 Hz, which cannot be used by the motor. Some disadvantages of this type of equipment are:

  • Flickering lights.
  • Buzzing noise.
  • Devices with a digital clock or timer will operate slowly.

3. The square wave inverters

Nowadays, square wave inverters are rarely available on the market. It is the cheapest of the three and is only compatible with a few machines.

Guide for buying the best inverters for your home

Choosing the right UPS from thousands of models is a difficult task. Of course, you can choose the best part if you keep the following in mind.

1. Types of batteries

There are two types of batteries in terms of maintenance, safety, longevity, efficiency, and price. These are tubular and flat plate batteries. Know the needs of your home, but what works best for you.

2. Inverter capacity

This is calculated as the total charge divided by the force and the ampere volt or VA. The normal household load factor is 0.8. Remember to take the inverter with a VA greater than the required load factor.

3. Battery capacity or size

There is a formula for calculating the battery capacity required for your home UPS.

Battery capacity = Total charge x backup voltage / hourly battery

Batteries in India generally have a voltage of 12 V.

4. Backup capacity

The backup time indicates the number of times the inverter can supply current without recharging. Once charged, the inverters provide enough energy to operate the power supply for a long time without interruption. If you live in an extended load shedding area, you will need an inverter with good backup power.

5. Energy consumption

The power consumption of the inverter depends on a total load of your location. The best way to calculate this consumption is to calculate the total number of devices running.

6. Budget

Always adjust your budget before entering the store to buy your UPS. Otherwise, you will feel more confused when purchasing. Know all your requirements and get the inverter according to the needs of your home.

7. A mark of trust

Always choose an inverter developed by a trusted brand that offers long warranties, prompt customer service, and low maintenance costs.

8. Guarantee

A longer warranty period will help you cover all of your expenses in the event of future loss or impairment. This is why you should look for an inverter with a long warranty period.

9. After-sales service

Another important factor to consider when purchasing this tool is the after-sales service. After-sales service is a way of ensuring that customers of the product receive the services expected of them in the event of a problem.


In the present era, we rely on electricity for everything we deal with. Its absence means a lot. And this where the inverters help us and make our life better. We hope with the above tips and suggestions you will abe to choose the best inverter of your own.

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