Apple and its independence from Google: Bing is integrated into the new OS X Yosemite

The WWDC 2014 will be remembered as one of the conference’s leading developers in the history of Apple , and the reason is simple: this time, the Cupertino giant is focused on presenting not only the latest versions of their operating systems, but a veritable avalanche of news for developers that enliven these systems.

However, among the new iOS in August and the new OS X Yosemite was a feature that went a little high, losing its impact, once we stop, we realize how Apple continues its way to the emancipation of a company and its services which has depended on many issues (all related to the web ), and recently this is changing.

The new version of Spotlight ( which has also been renovated and looks great ), now supported on Bing , the Microsoft search engine, to provide direct input into the user’s desktop Mac.

Yosemite OS X Desktop

This is just another step in the direction of independence from Google . First we saw how Google maps we disappeared from iOS (default) being replaced by Apple Maps (which originally caused enough inconvenience, but slowly improving). Then it also became clear to us that Siri , the intelligent personal assistant from Apple, it was powered by Bing rather than Google for search.

With the renewed without doubt enhanced for OS X Spotlight Yosemite, Apple wants to create a kind of Siri for Mac, in fact I dare to bet that a Siri for Mac is coming, but that’s irrelevant now. Bing will enhance and give relevant search results to the search term, plus Spotlight also give directions relating to hand Maps, or other results such as documents and files you store on your Mac results

Everything remains the same, but better , the new Spotlight which was demonstrated at WWDC as one of the greatest innovations of the new OS X 10.10.

Yes, Google continues as default search engine in Safari for OS X, Apple’s browser, and there is speculation that it could be related to previous agreements between Apple and Google that are required.

For one, Apple continues its road to independence of Google. In addition, Bing takes a lot more strength and relevance Anyway, the important thing is that we witness how Apple moves away from Google, does not depend on their services and platforms. App Store will continue options like app for YouTube or Maps Google+ and even that I doubt many use for iOS, but by default, Apple seeks alternatives.

And one of the most important markets in the web today is that of the search , there lies the potential of Google, or at least most of it. Will Apple come to develop your own search engine? I think not, not bet on it at least in a long, long time; so if you can bet with confidence is that soon the hundreds of millions of users of iOS and OS X users will not default Google services , and this is a blow to the Mountain View.

Finally, it could not fail to mention how this move benefits Microsoft and its search engine Bing , which takes a lot more relevance and market strength. Users of OS X and iOS use Bing in their day to day constantly, many without even being aware of it.

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