Ruby on Rails Vs PHP – Complete discussion

Ruby on Rails Vs PHP – Complete discussion

ruby on rails vs php
ruby on rails vs php

Hey, Are you a passionate coder? Are you someone who loves to learn by doing. But struggle with what to learn and what not to? Believe me, everyone struggles with this, I struggled too. Technologies change at such a fast pace that once you learn something industry adopts newer technologies and you have to learn it as -well. I was confused, wether to learn PHP, Python, Ruby, or start with something like Java or C++. So, in this guide I’ll cover about Ruby on Rails Vs PHP.

Topics discussed in the post

  • Pros and Cons of PHP
  • Pros and Cons of Ruby
  • Comparison between Ruby and PHP
  • Decide which suits for yourself

Ruby on Rails Vs PHP – First Things First

Though the topic is Ruby on Rails Vs PHP, both are two different things. Ruby on Rails is a framework whereas PHP is a language. Ruby is a language for Ruby on Rails framework. Similarly, there are different frameworks for PHP such as Zend, Codeignitor, Laravel.

Read More about PHP Frameworks here.

Then why is this comparison? So for a comparison you can consider any PHP framework and compare with Ruby on Rails. But just to start with know that both are web technologies and will help you build web applications.

I have been working in PHP for over 5 years now, built several applications and got my hands over Rails framework very recently. Still, I have a done a unbiased comparison in the post.

What’s so good about PHP?

Well, PHP stands for pre hyper text processor. You can change your your regular html file extension to .php and there your file is ready. Yes, that’s all you have to do. Though to run PHP functions you need to include appropriate php syntax. Also, you can run PHP code in HTML file or HTML code in PHP file.

  • PHP is very easy to learn
  • You can set up your own server
  • Less setup required

From the above points what I can summarise is, PHP is quite easier to learn. For PHP code to run,  you need a server and you do not need to buy it, You can set up one for yourself for your local system using XAMPP, MAMPP . The set up is not so difficult, you just need to install one software that will allow you to run PHP script and you are all set to code.

Ruby on Rails Positives

Ruby, is more functional than PHP. Being a newly developed language it focusses more on functionality to give you the power to do more in less lines of code.

Look at Ruby Programming Language here

Most high end applications are being built on Ruby on Rails framework only due to this aspect. Let me put it this way, Ruby On Rails is a web-development platform used to build client specific platforms.

Direct Comparison

  • Ruby gives you more functionality at your hands than PHP
  • Though Ruby is recently developed and functional, looks easy to code but is quite difficult to learn.
  • Ruby has a difficult setup environment than PHP.
  • Ruby can prove costly to you to setup, run and build an application while  coding in PHP is hassle free.
  • Ruby apps would be more robust than PHP.

Ruby on Rails Developer Salary

You should obviously follow your passion, and which you are doing by sticking to path of coding. But in initial phase, while you are about to start, it’s better to look for the scope and future of the field you will be choosing.

In this section of the post, I will want to take your attention to Ruby on Rails Salary and jobs.

In India:

The salary varies from 24,000 – 50,000 INR per month on an average. But you can always out beat stats with your extra-ordinary skills.

By Companies: (salary in INR)

  • Travel Triangle – 43k to 47k monthly
  • RentSetGo – 35K to 38K monthly
  • Clarion Technology – 43k to 47k monthly
  • Carmatec – 34K to 36K
  • Cuelogic Technologies – 48K to 52K

Source: Glassdoor


$93,906 is the National Average of United states for Ruby on Rails Developer Salary.

By companies: (salary in USD)

  • Bloomber LP  – 143,586/p.a
  • SciMed Solutions – 59k to 86k
  • Precision Global Consulting – 83k to 90k

Source: Glassdoor

Final Call

Okay, all that is fine, but what suits you and what you should start with. Let me tell you how I did it. I wanted to learn to code and had so many options to choose from that confused me. But as I was just starting to learn, I wanted to focus more on the concepts than the framework and PHP being easier I chose it. I would suggest you to do the same. And as I started coding, I saw no limits, PHP was already doing wonders for me. I built applications on it for over 1 year and I still do, but then I tried my hands on Ruby, that is how I got comfortable with it.

So, I would suggest you to start small with PHP, learn by doing and understand the concepts and functionality of programming and then this will be your backbone to code in any language.

Then, try Ruby or whichever you like and if you are comfortable go on with it. And if you are okay with coding skills then you can even directly jump to Ruby on Rails.

This was a full guide on Ruby on Rails Vs PHP to help you to start better.

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