Planet Fitness Cancel Membership – Step By Step Guide!

Planet Fitness Cancel Membership – Step By Step Guide!

planet fitness cancel membership
planet fitness cancel membership

Health and medicine has always been and will forever remain an evergreen industry. New technologies are being invented more frequently and more medicines are being developed to kill the deadly diseases. But the major change health industry has seen would be awareness. People have become more and more conscious about their health and fitness. Health consciousness has increased tremendously amongst all ages. Well who doesn’t want to stay fit? There’s many ways to stay physically fit. You can pick a sport of your interest and play it regularly. You can also endorse running habit which will be a real boost to your stamina and aid your routine activities tremendously. Those who have been running for a while now or tried it at least will realise the effort athletes put in.

Apart from all these things the most simple way is to join a gym, where you will be guided by a professional trainer, you get all the equipments, you meet like minded people (gyms have all kinds of people 😛 ). Also working with people who can workout as much as you do, there’s always chance to grow together.

Planet Fitness is one such brand that aims at providing real quality services. It also has some unique as well as funny concepts of its own. You can not judge, grunt or drop weight for which they have Lunk Alarm which rings in super loud volume this is to prevent any judgement and thus anyone literally anyone can workout without hesitation. They offer very high quality services at relatively cheaper rates on a subscription module to reduce cancellations and increase consistency amongst people. They have a high cancellation fees

Know more about the gym!

But there are few people who after joining realise that they won’t be able to work out so regularly and decide to cancel their subscription plan. In this blog post I’ll guide you through planet fitness cancel membership procedure.

Topics covered in this post

  • A brief intro about Planet Fitness
  • Why would you want to cancel planet fitness membership?
  • Planet fitness cancellation step by step

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Planet fitness cancel membership and how it works?

Okay! so you have registered with planet fitness and now you want to cancel the plan. But you are stuck as it has higher cancelation fee. Here’s what you can do.

1. Dig out the contract

If you have enrolled with no signup scheme program, by now you must have started thinking that this post is not for you. But wait, this step by step guide covers planet fitness membership cancellation for all. Though you joined through no signup fee program, you obviously signed some contract that will charge you while cancelation. You need to find it first.

2.Go through your contract

Only after reading completely through your contract you will know your membership type i.e monthly billing or annual billing. Mostly you have signed annual subscription plan irrespective of how you have billed. Once you find that also check when your subscription ends. Coz if it is about to end in two months or so it is better to wait for it to end automatically. The major thing to consider here is, Planet Fitness Cancelation is almost equivalent to your 5 to 6 months of regular subscription.

3.You need cancel at right time

What does this mean? Well, consider planet fitness membership cancellation as quitting a job. You need to give a prior notice to the company right? Similarly, you need to give to time to Planet Fitness team to look through your cancelation proposal and process it. That way you must cancel your monthly plan before 10th of the Month, as you will be mostly billed by 20th & for annual plans around 30 days notice is required. Take an example, if you are billed annually in March, then you must cancel your plan by February.

4. Refrain from the planet fitness gym cancellation fee

Yes, it’s possible to avoid paying high cancellation fee. So let me tell you few ways you can do. Firstly, whatever way you choose you need to give a proper written statement of the same. Provide them with valid proof and they will get it waived for sure. You just need to realise that it is difficult to convince some one to agree on what you say and work accordingly.

Reason1: In case of Injury get a written statement from your doctor that says you are unfit to workout

Reason2: If you are relocating, then give such written statement. but take note distance should be more than 40 km.

If you don’t fit in above two listed categories, then you’ll have to pay the cancelation fee. it’s on your convincing ability then!

5. Connect with them personally

Other method you can get your fees waived is to meet them in person and tell them your reason. Let’s see the procedure for this.

  • Gather this information: Your unique membership identification number, address details, social security number, driver license.


  • Write them regarding cancellation: Target topics like cancel planet fitness membership, ask them if you are eligible and state your reasons why?
  • Ask them for their free hours to fix a meeting with someone from service team


  • Convince the person: Meet the representative, talk with the person, try to make him/her understand the situation.


  • Get the cancelation in written: Okay, you need something to present if your billing doesn’t stop in the future and you can not go out saying that you talked to one of the representative.
  • Reduce the work in future: See how hard was it, how much of work you had to do. So, ask the representative to give you contact details of person to connect with in future, in case you are billed. I know you won’t want to go through all this again. 
  • Keep a track of credit card activities and transactions so that you are aware of any auto-billing made to your account.
  • Take instant action: In case you are billed, take real quick action to cancel planet fitness membership and connect with the right person out there and get the refund and stop future billing.



  1. Planet fitness is a really good service for fitness freaks.
  2. But it has a higher cancelation fee.
  3. Know more about Planet fitness cancel membership thing.
  4. Find if you are eligible for fee waiver.
  5. Steps to crack the planet fitness cancel membership deal.
  6. If not elligible, write to them and ask for a waiver.
  7. Meet their representative in person and ask them.




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