How To Watch Free DSTV Channels using Kodi On Android & PC

Welcome guys, We want to show you how to watch free DSTV Channels on Android & PC using Kodi. This Tutorial is going to involve a software called Kodi. We will be teaching you this tutorial in two parts, and that is

  • By installing Ares Wizard & Browse
  • And installing Popular Builds of your choice

Before we get started on how To Watch Free DSTV Channels Android Pc Free Using Kodi, I want you to understand what Kodi is all about

What is Kodi?

Kodi is an open – source software that is designed specifically with home entertainment in mind and it is totally free. It was originally created for the Microsoft Xbox and was called Xbox Media Center(XBMC) which is always being modified and upgraded by a lot of coders all over the world. It is designed to run on Pc & Android and home servers Connected to TVs That gives users the ability to stream files from the internet and it is available for almost all devices like Windows, Android, Linux, it also compatible with iPhone but your iOS has to be jailbroken before downloading it.

Also, refer this guide to stream movies on Xbox via Kodi

You need an Android/iOS or a Laptop/DesktopRequirements To Watch Free DSTV Channels 

  • The latest version on Kodi
  • A very good internet connection

Steps On How To Watch Free DSTV Channels On Android & Pc Using Kodi

  1. Download the latest Kodi here
  2. Now install the Kodi on your Device
  3. And then open Kodi 16.0 Jarvis. make sure you download the latest version
  4. Go to System – File Manager
  5. Now scroll downwards and select Add Source
  6. Click on None
  7. Please type in the exact following and select done
  8. Type in Ares as the name for this Add-On Package because you just installed the Ares Wizard
  9. Immediately go back to your home screen and click on System
  10. Click on Add-Ons inside System
  11. Now Click on Install from Zip
  12. Select on installed it earlier
  13. Click on script.areswizard0.0.27zip
  14. Finally, wait for the Add-On Enabled Notification

Now that the installation of the Ares wizard is complete, you can access it from the Programs menu in your Home Screen.

The Ares Wizard is an Installer package that you the access to all the builds & Add-Ons in Kodi. Instead of installing different separate types of Add-Ons manually, Ares Wizard installs a lot of Add-Ons which have been compiled into the builds.

 The Second part on How To Watch Free DSTV Channels On Android & Pc Using Kodi

  1. Go to Kodi homepage and move to Programs – Ares Wizard
  2. After Ares Wizard finish loading, Click on Browse Builds
  3. Click on Pulse. you can click on any build you want. The reason you are using pulse is that it was the most popular and has the highest number of downloads
  4. Now click on Pulse-CCM – Install to install the entire build to begin the download. By clicking on Pulse-CCM this will install all the channels.
  5. The Pulse-CCM is over 300MB.
  6. You are Done How To Watch Free DSTV Channels On Android & Pc Using Kodi

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