How To Turn Off Safe Mode on Galaxy S3

How To Turn Off Safe Mode on Galaxy S3

How To Turn Off Safe Mode on Galaxy S3
How to turn off safe mode on galaxy S3

How to turn off safe mode? This is a constant question android users face. Hi all, today I’ll share with you all a trick about safe mode on Samsung Galaxy S3. Don’t know how many of you still use Galaxy S3, but in my opinion, phones like this are the best option to have as a second cell phone. If you do not use internet on such phones, then this versions will give longer battery backup and your phone may also last for 3 to 4 days after charging once. Having said, this type of phones are not yet completely out dated so, can provide you good functionality as well along with it.

Phone stuck in safe mode? Irritated not being able to escape this mode? Want to know How to turn off safe mode on Galaxy S3 ? Then you are at right place. As regular, before discussing how to exit safe mode. I’ll first take you trough details about safety mode.

What will you find in this guide about How to turn of safe mode?

  •  Why safe mode?
  • How to turn on safety mode?
  • How to turn off safe mode on Galaxy S3? (Though It is common for most android phones)

How To Turn Off Safe Mode?

Before learning how to turn off safe mode on galaxy s3, we should first know how to turn it on right? It’s really simple.

  1. Turn Off Your Phone
  2. Now long press the hold button to turn it on.
  3. But while doing so press MENU button multiple times till you see SAFE MODE written in bottom left corner of the screen.

Now safe mode is turned ON on your device, you will see wallpaper is gone and and only default wallpaper and default apps are visible. Welcome to SAFE MODE 😎 

Why Safe Mode?

You can consider this mode as the default mode of your phone i.e the working and functional mode your phone was in when you actually bought it. When your apps stop working, phone hangs or you see unnecessary popups randomly. There could be a risk to your device and in such a case you need to activate this mode in your device. This safe mode shows only the default apps with phone and will not have any apps you downloaded, Don’t worry they are not deleted. You are just switching between modes. All default apps would be visible, and your default settings such as wallpaper and other stuff. In safe mode, if you go to Settings -> Application Manager  -> Downloaded Apps You can actually see all your apps you have downloaded.

How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Galaxy S3?

Now that you know how to turn on safety mode, let’s see how to exit safe mode?

#1 Simply reboot your phone

For android phones isn’t it obvious that most problems get solved just by restarting it 😂. Try doing this and if this doesn’t work follow more steps stated below.

#2 Remove Battery

What’s the most basic trick after reboot? You got it right, just remove the battery, keep your phone for few minutes and then again start. Removing battery works mostly for all problems and these are the first few options you should go for when your phone hangs or creates some problems.

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#3 Factory Reset

WARNING! I am telling you hard factory reset tricks which will delete all you data and you might have to install all applications again. So do this only if nothing works and you are sure.

Try Factory resetting your phone. This might work. If you don’t now how to factory reset your phone, then here’s steps on how to do it. First Power Off your phone. Then While restarting long press POWER, VOLUME UP & HOME BUTTONS at once until you see a screen then use volumed down screen to go to factory reset or wipe data option and select it with Home button.

You can check the video here

#4 Final Option

Okay, so nothing worked for you? here’s the case Power OFF your cell, and while you restart long press BACK button. This will definitely work for you.


  • Use this modes when your phone starts behaving odd or stops working.
  • You can get into safety mode by continuously pressing MENU button while rebooting
  • To exit safe mode, you can just restart your phone but if you are stuck, any of the option listed above

This was  a small trick on how to turn off safety mode on galaxy s3. Please, let me know if this trick worked for you or not. Also, if you have few more tricks to share do drop in comments. And, share with your friends who own a samsung galaxy s3 or any other samsung phone, as they might even find some help out of it. For most of the samsung phones the trick is same.

However quitting safety mode or methods on how to turn off safe mode may vary from device to device and operating system to operating system. 

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