How To Get Paid Apps for Free on Android –

How To Get Paid Apps for Free on Android – [Solved]

With 1.4 billion active users, Android OS is growing at a rapid pace amongst mobile users. According to stats by DMR Stats & Gadgets, android’s market share in mobile operating system is about 53.3%. That means out of all mobile operating systems, simply android contributes to more than 50% of market share. So is app business growing on play-store. With more and more free and paid apps coming up, users are left with huge options. Thus, today I have come up with a guide on how to get paid apps for free on android?

There are a lot of free apps that provide a lot of services from productivity and business apps to social media apps. But always there are those few apps that you love a lot and they happen to be paid. But when you can’t get those paid apps, you download any other similar apps. In short, you compromise, which I don’t like at all. No more compromising with services and paid games you want. With these tricks you can get for FREE PAID APPS.

how to get paid apps for free

It’s not that you can’t afford those apps, but sometimes you are doubtful about buying something. Also, Google Play Store only accepts Google Wallet money and you can put money in your Google Wallet via international credit cards and many people don’t have such cards. This is why they can’t add money to their Google Wallet. Do not worry, I will tell you how to download paid apps for free? Let’s get started!

How to get paid apps for free?

As you compromise with apps by changing apps you wanted to buy with some other apps. Here’s other way you can do it. Why not find a substitution for Play store itself? Read below to know more on how to get paid apps for free on android!

Android Play Store Alternatives

I don’t know if you heard about these android play store alternatives before. But, these are good places to look for when you don’t find your app on Google Play Store or unable to get them. For example, you might have recently heard about the Pokemon Go craze. Pokemon go was launched for iOS users only at first, but android users were so impatient that they could not wait. In such conditions these alternatives of Google Play Store work efficiently.

Before you proceed on to grab your paid apps for free, here’s a caution statement from my side. All the app store alternatives mentioned below are open markets. Not all apps from these stores are harmful but Not 100% of apps are safe. So download apps from these places after proper research and only when you are fully confirmed. I, in no way encourage you to download those apps. I have just provided you with information and guide. Okay, that was a disclosure now let’s get started on complete guide about How to get paid apps for free?

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#1 Mobogenie – The Ultimate Android Market

This was the first android market place I was introduced to. Even before Android Play Store. I encountered Mobogenie while browsing for apps via pc. With over 440,000,000+ users from 252+ countries and regions, mobogenie is getting bigger and bigger. Mobogenie provides you with free apps, free wallpapers, free music, free videos. Let you download youtube videos straight to your device.

Speciality of this platform is its PC client. This allows you to transfer apps from your Android to PC and vice versa. You can also backup your phones data, contacts and much more with this client to your PC.

How to get paid apps for free on Mobogenie: Download Mobogenie Here!

#2 Blackmart 

If Mobogenie is ultimate market, Blackmart is the king. On this platform, you need not have any Google account to download apps. You don’t even have to register anywhere. The apps are available in complete version, you do not need to test the app or download a trial version.

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On Google Play Store, even free apps are not available for all devices and all versions of Android. But on Blackmart there is no such restriction. This app has all features similar to Google Play Store, and one of the best places to get paid apps for free.

Download Blackmart here!

#3 1Mobile Market

1 Mobile Market has over 1.6 million apps and games, 3.1 million wallpapers & 0.6 million photos shared by users. You can even manage apps offline once you are in this app market place. Even here you can find a lot of paid and free apps. This app categorises apps into several categories but few interesting ones are Global Top& Local Top. With the help of this collection, you can know what’s trending in your region and your field of interest.

You can find a version of it on Play Store as well which has just the apps from Android Play Store (to abide by the terms and conditions of Google Play Store). It has another version a which is available exclusively on their site, where you can find all paid apps fore free.

#4 GetAPK – Stands Out Amongst Others

This is a huge marketplace with collection of millions of apps ready for download. However, it is underrated as compared to other marketplaces due to it’s weak user interface. But here’s where the strength of this app marketplace lies.

You don’t just get paid apps fore free but this marketplace holds all versions of the app, the latest version being on top. Which means you can downgrade or move to older version of your favourite app anytime if the app comes out with a boring update.

Here’s how you can download paid apps for free from this platform. Download the app here OR visit their site hereIf you are in their platform via app, browse for the app you want, check out the description and if it is satisfying enough, click GET. The pop-up or the in-app browser that comes after you click GET, often fails. The solution is you can click the link to open in browser and download from there.

I will share with you one occasion when I found this app helpful. I guess a lot of you use SnapchatRecently, Snapchat brought some updates. When I put all my apps to update on wifi network, Snapchat also got updated. But I was really irritated with the new unnecessary updates. Thus, I uninstalled it completely and downloaded an older version of it from this marketplace.

#5 4Shared 

With 4shared, you can upload files, share them and access them on the go. Well this app is completely legal and available straight away on Google Play Store, as the files on this platform are uploaded by users. Even you can download files and upload it on this platform to share with other users.

The best part is that, it just does not hold apps, you can find anything from songs, movies, pc softwares, games etc. I wonder why not many people know about it? You don’t even have to create an account to download these files shared by others. Your favourite app is just a click away.

Last Take on Free Paid Apps

In the post, I have tried to cover about all alternatives for Google Play Store. I guess, I covered all your doubts on how to get paid apps for free. You can download paid apps for free from all these marketplaces. However, each one of them has something extra to deliver. Mobogenie provides a wide variety of wallpapers, songs, movies and apps, also Blackmart has a huge collection of all apps paid and free. Whereas on 4shared you get all that is shared by users for free and legally. With GetAPK, you can choose what version of the app you want to download and 1mobile market gives you a secret door to those paid apps.

Let us know in comments if you know about any other such marketplace and your thoughts on How to get paid apps for free on android?



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