How To Delete KIK Account – Deactivate Kik Account

How To Delete KIK Account – Deactivate Kik Account

Before I begin with the tutorial on how to delete KIK account. Here’s little details of KIK messenger, Kik Online and what you can expect in this how to deactivate Kik account post.

Kik was developed in 2009 at University of Waterloo. The team as small as 130 members made one such social messenger app that disrupted the internet. After Whatsapp, it is the biggest social messaging platform. Kik has always managed to be in the talks. It has been in talks for spammy accounts for most of the time. But it provides awesome features and comes up with updates every now and then.

how to delete kik account

How To Delete Kik Account Permanently

Looking to Deactivate kik account? Well, there can be several reasons for deleting kik account. May be you are just bored with it, done with kik. May be you are tired of managing multiple social platforms and apps. Whatever your reason is, I would appreciate it if you could drop in comments your reason for deleting kik account.

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Getting Started With How To Deactivate Kik Procedure

Here’s some basic requirements before you can be able to cancel your kik account.

You need to verify your email before you can deactivate your kik account. To verify your email you will have to open the app and tap settings. Select Account >> Select Email. Then you can update your email or enter one if you haven’t already entered. You will next receive a confirmation mail to same email address you registered. Follow the steps to activate/confirm your email.

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Once your Kik account is verified or confirmed. You are all set to cancel kik account.

Steps on How To Delete Kik Account

You must know that you cannot directly delete your kik account from app. You will have to go to the following url:

Going to the screen you will see a form which asks you to enter your email id. To make sure here’s the image/screenshot of the screen after following this kik online url.

Deactivate Kik Account

So you see the box that says “enter your email”. Enter the email which you activated in the previous step. You will be mailed with a link to deactivate Kik Account. Just follow the link to go to kik online for one last time.

Reason For Leaving Kik Messenger – Kik Online

When you choose click here option from the mail you received. Your account is already cancelled. You see a list of options to select from. These are the reasons for deleting kik account. Choose which one suits you and why? You can also add other reasons and you are done with Kik forever.

Saying Goodbye to kik messenger!

Delete kik Messenger - Kik Online
Good Bye Kik!


To cancel kik account, you first need a verified email which you can do by logging in and updating email from account settings. Once verified, follow the url mentioned above to deactivate kik account. Drop your email address and follow the steps to cancel kik account permanently. If you know someone from your circle who is looking to cancel kik account or wants to, do share this article with your friends.

So this was a complete step by step guide on how to delete kik account. Hope this was helpful. Do not forget to subscribe to newsletter so that you do not miss on latest updates on tech and internet lifestyle tips. I will come up with more social media management tips and tools. Drop in your comments to which accounts and social media tools you would like to know about in detail and how to use them and build a brand online.


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