Why Conversion Tracking Tool Sucks – LinkTrackr Review

Why Conversion Tracking Tool Sucks – LinkTrackr Review

conversion tracking tool
LinkTrack Review
Better than other Link Cloakers available
Though LinkTrackr has a few limitations, like click and monthly visitors which is however good for you if you are starting up, LinkTrackr is better than other available Link Cloaking Softwares.
Basic Plan Worth It!
Advanced Viral Cloaking!
A/B Split Testing Not available for Basic Plans
Try The Basic Version

Conversion tracking tools, do they really suck? That is why I came up with LinkTrackr Review. Stay till the end to know more about LinkTrackr and do they really suck?

Contents of LinkTrackr Review

What can you expect in this LinkTrackr review and discussion about Conversion tracking tool and affiliate marketing software.

  • What is a Affiliate Link Cloaker?
  • Why most of the affiliate marketers suffer in tracking conversions?
  • What do you really mean by conversion tracking tool?
  • How good is LinkTrackr
  • And comparisons with other affiliate Link Cloaker Tools
  • Lets start..

conversion tracking tool

What is an Affiliate Link Cloaker?

To start with, you having landed on this page are curious to know more about Affiliaite Link Cloaker, Affiliate marketing software and LinkTrackr review. Which means you are either an affiliate marketer working with several campaigns or someone who wants to start with Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketers like you and me promote several campaigns thorough different websites. You even start earning after few efforts but how do you know which campaign is doing good for you and which one is not? That is where this Affiliate Link Cloaker come in handy.

Affiliate Link Cloaker and Conversion Tracking Tool tracks which of your affiliate links is getting sale for you. In short which links convert better. Now let’s move on to LinkTrackr Review how & What?

LinkTrackr How & What?

LinkTrackr is a web based application that runs stand alone. You do not need to install this on your server like WordPress or any other application.

LinkTrackr comes in four pricing plans BASIC, PRO, HYPER and EXTREME. The major difference in this plans is No of links you can track and no of clicks per month allowed. However, BASIC Plan allows upto 500 Tracking Links and 50,000 Clicks per month for just $19/month. To Start with Basic Plan is pretty good on your ROI.

Link Cloaking and Tracking Software That Works - LinkTrackr

LinkTrackr works on subscription model thus you are never charged extra or their are no hidden charges. Infact you save a lot that way. Also you get a 30 day window with LinkTrackr, you can cancel your billing with them any time in this window.

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