How To Change IMEI Number on Android

How To Change IMEI Number on Android [Root + Without Root]

Hi guys, welcome to this site where I help you become a ninja in the digital world. In today’s post I have for you a complete guide on IMEI number on android. In this post you will learn how to change IMEI number on android. It can be any android device, Samsung, Asus, HTC, Sony Xperia, OPPO, Motorola any device, as far as it is an android device this tricks will work as imei changer.

how to change imei number android

Before we move to looking at how to change IMEI number android & IMEI changer apps. I will first like to share some basic insights about IMEI number.


Here I’ll cover real basics on IMEI and also this section has a warning for those looking to change IMEI numbers.

What is IMEI Number?

What the heck is IMEI? What does it even mean? Well, here’s the answer to it. IMEI stands for “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. This is the unique identity of mobile device. Each and every phone has this IME no. In-fact some of the Chinese mobiles with two sim slots have 2 IMEI no’s. The first I had heard of this term was in detective serials as it is unique to every device. Well, leaving the funnier part of it behind. Let me tell you why this post and in what case would you need to change IMEI number.

How to Check IMEI Number Android?

Well, its pretty easy as it is unique for every device it comes inscribed on device. But there are two ways to check IMEI number. First, if your battery is removable, just remove the battery and below it you will find your android device’s IMEI number. With this trick you can check IMEI Number of most of the android devices including Samsung, Motorola, Karbonn, Micromax phones. But for the devices whose battery cannot be removed, here’s solution two: dial *#06# This will give you your IMEI number but if the IMEI is corrupted then you might see a false IMEI number. You can check IMEI of several devices with this. However, tmobile IMEI check, iphone IMEI check, Verizon IMEI check, swappa IMEI check are different. As I will be focussing mainly on Android in this post.

Why Change IMEI Number?

Why do you even need to change IMEI number? The last statement above where I mentioned that it could be corrupted or blacklisted, could be one of the reasons to do so. But most of the times people use it for wrong purposes. As in, many apps provide free recharges or even money on app referrals. (i.e when you refer your friend to download an app and you are paid when he/she does so). This kind of apps use your IMEI number to check for false activities with referral code. So people often change IMEI number to break those barriers and earn extra rewards and money from such schemes. So here’s a warning!

WARNING: This tutorial is just to educate you about IMEI number and its options. Also Changing IMEI number is illegal in many countries. This article in no way encourages you or promotes you to change/fix/edit IMEI number. STRICTLY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE!

Now let me get on to the process. Firstly, we will look for the process of how to change IMEI number android, where you do not need to root your phone.

How To Change IMEI Number on Android Without Root?

This step requires an app called MTK and some configurations to the app.Do not worry, I’ll guide you step by step.

  •  Download Mobile Uncle MTK App for Your Android Phone

Download Here

  • Once the download is completed, install the application on your device.
  • After the application is successfully installed, Open the application.
  • Navigate to Engineer Mode >> Engineer Mode (MTK)
  • Under Engineer MTK,  on scrolling to the bottom you will find CDS Information, click on it.
  • Now search for Radio Information and select it
  • You will find two options on the screen, Choose “Phone 2
  • Next, you will see an option that looks somewhat like AT+
  • Make sure you have followed all the steps properly and found the right option
  • Once you find that option, enter AT+ <15 digit new IMEI> eg: AT+ 123344543677123
  • The number you will be entering after “AT+” will be your new IMEI number
  • Last thing to do, you will have to restart your android device before new IMEI number is active.

This was a tutorial on how to change IMEI number Android Without Root. Now let me share with you another way of changing IMEI number for rooted phone. For this your phone has to be already rooted. There are a few more requirements to before changing IMEI number, but this one is really basic for this method.


How To Change IMEI Number Of Rooted Android Phone

I believe your phone is already rooted as the following steps are only for rooted android phone.

Requirements For IMEI Changer on Rooted Android Phone

The most primary requirement would be a rooted android device. Yet another requirement is an app called XPOSED IMEI CHANGER. You need to install this app on your android phone. Also as this process continues you should be connected to a internet connection. I will once again list out all the requirements:

  • Rooted Android Device
  • Internet connection

Let’s begin with the process using this awesome IMEI changer app;

#1 First dial the code to find original IMEI number. Don’t remember? Here it is once again *#06#

#2 Store this IMEI number for future use (Will be needed in future)

#3 Installed the XPOSED App? Go and access it. 

#4 Go to Modules in XPOSED

#5 Tick Mark or Select IMEI Changer APK as Module

#6 After all the above settings are done, restart the device

#7 Now you will find a box that reads “New IMEI Number”; enter new IMEI number there

#8 Once this done, press apply and set the conditions.

#9 Finally restart the device again and you will find your device with new IMEI number

Hope you liked this complete guide on How to Change IMEI number on Android without root as well as How to change IMEI number on rooted android device. Do subscribe to newsletter so that you never miss out on latest updates.

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