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Learn To Code For Free And Pay Only When You’re Hired! – App Academy Review

App Academy Review
Emphasize more on learning than anything else
App academy teaches you to code by taking up real life projects and that is how you learn to code!
app academy review
App Academy

Well, learning to code is considered a really tough task. The biggest myth being you need a degree in Computer Science to be able to code. Recently there’s a huge rise in websites that train you about coding. Some of the big ones being Codecademy, Treehouse, Khan Academy where you will see people with zero or little coding background skyrocketing their careers. But today in this App Academy review post, I’ll discus about unique concept to learn to code.

A-Z of App Academy 

  • Introduction to App Academy
  • App Academy Review from a perspective of a coder
  • Some Stats to be amazed
  • Pros & Cons

App Academy Review!

App Academy is a coding bootcamp for aspiring coders where they provide in-house training for software development. Yes! they are not any other online tutorials site, they train people in person and make them capable of landing a job as a software developer. They have a 12 weeks long training program where you are taught languages and skills including Ruby, Javascript to help you build an end to end application. Now what that mean is you will be building a complete application on your own, from managing the data, to handling the backend functionality.

Learn to code now!

You also learn about the frameworks that are being used by almost everyone. Something lie React, You must have heard of this from Facebook News.

What is unique about App Academy?

Founder and CEO of App Academy, Kush Patel came up with something unique than what was existing already to train people to code. App Academy offers a commission based program that allows you to learn for free. Yeah! you heard me right, you can learn for free. Doesn’t that sound too nice to be true? But yup it is!

App academy allows you to learn to code for free and you pay them only once you are hired. You pay them back from your first year salary as a commission. So this way, you do not need to invest a huge amount of money at first. This has been working out really well, coz people are afraid if the tuition or training will really work for them, will they be able to grab a job? But that won’t be a case here! As you pay only after you get a job.

Not just this there’s more to it! They don’t enroll anyone and everyone in this course. They have app academy coding test and interviews to select students.

Wait! Don’t start yelling at me. You must be thinking, when you say it’s for beginners, so how do you expect a beginner to crack the interview?

App Academy coding challenge & test

Okay here’s the deal, they assign you some tasks or projects to complete as a part of app academy coding challenge and also provide you with materials to follow and use to learn from and complete the tasks. What I can think of it is, it’s just to test how dedicated and excited you are to learn with them. Are you willing to practice things, experiment them and learn form it? Then this course is for you!

The program runs for 12 extensive weeks where you learn this coding skills and work on real life projects. Once you are done, they also help you to land a job by guiding you with what’s important and what’s not!

App academy alumni

app academy alumni & coding challenge
app academy alumni

I can’t think of some big names that is not in the list 😅. Can you? After all this “Too Good To Be True Facts!”. Here’s another fact, The program currently runs only in New York  & San Francisco. If you are anywhere close then I am jealous of you now. But no worries if you are not located in the any of two destinations specified and if you can manage 12 weeks then you must definitely go for it!

Pick points from App Academy Review

  • 12 weeks in-house training program 
  • No fees until you get hired!
  • Locations: New York & San Francisco
  • Past students working in industry leaders like Google, Facebook, Dropbox, PayPal and many more
  • So you can lan at your dream company as well

Do let us know in comments what you think of this website if you have been a part of App Academy or if you are planning to join any time soon. Also if you know any other interesting websites similar to this to drop in your comments. And Subscribe to mail letter for more resources.

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